Writing is my passion based on inspiration.

My earliest memories include story writing.
I still have the first book I wrote entitled:
A New Pair of Underwear.

Hey, it was Kindergarten. What did you expect?

In college, I delivered the student commencement speech and the keynote address for the student induction ceremony for Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society’s Pi Xi chapter.

Today, I am a published journalist and feature writer. I’m experienced as a script writer for radio and TV production. I edit videos, do voice over work, and am writing a full length feature film. As a blogger, I have experimented with several platforms, writing and editing for various websites in the fields of law, education, sports and the arts.

I have learned that while small business owners know they need a web presence, they often lack the time or staff to make their sites engaging to visitors. If you are a small business owner, my skills as a writer and editor can help you achieve your online marketing goals.  Check out my writing samples HERE, or call me for more information at 484-378-0505.

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